Bio Misting

In these strange times we find ourselves in it has never been more important to have good cleaning practices in place to keep us and those around us as safe and healthy as possible. At the Cleaning Company we have taken our cleaning to the next level and are offering the new, “soon to be normal” commercial and indeed domestic cleaning. As your local company we can offer fantastic service and value for money

Bio Misting Reinstating Peace of Mind

Bio misting the new front line defence for your work place environment. Protecting your staff and your customers.

What is Bio Misting

Bio misting is the application of biocides and disinfectant uses a fogging gun that generates a fine mist of Ultra Low Volume droplets. Through vaporisation surface based and airborne pathogens are destroyed. There is no need to move equipment or furniture when misting is taking place. Bio misting is a quick and highly effective way to disinfect large areas with very little disruption to you and your business. It is an exceptionally thorough way of destroying viruses, germs and harmful bacteria, swiftly ensuring all areas are disinfected

In conclusion bio misting thoroughly disinfects the air as well as any surface area the equipment is pointed at.

The biocide we use is anti-microbial that is non- hazardous, odourless and clear. It is harmless to the environment and non-corrosive. It requires no rinsing.

In order to maximise the effect of bio misting we recommend a thorough clean of your premises beforehand. We are happy to carry this task out if you wish.

  • Bio misting kills 99.9% of all known viruses including Coronavirus
  • Highly effective way to disinfect all areas
  • Minimum disruption to businesses
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional disinfection cleans
  • Can be used around electrical equipment as we use a dry mist solution meaning computers are completely safe to be left in-situ.

Bio-misting can be done as a one off service. However for a more cost effective assured peace of mind we recommend that you under take this method as part of your normal cleaning regime going forward

Manual and Touch Point Cleaning

In addition to bio-misting we also offer a manual sterilisation service. Our experienced technicians manually sanitise your work spaces ensuring as many surfaces as possible are sterilised, with attention being particularly paid to the most touch sensitive points such as flushes, handles, desks, chair arm supports, taps lift buttons.

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